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Bhaumik Shah
Bhaumik Shah
General Manager, Clean Tech Business
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Bhaumik Shah is driven by challenges to transform innovative product ideas into commercial success and making positive impact. His work of over 16 years includes leading global startup teams, driving product management strategies and innovative business models. He specializes in helping teams understand customer needs, nurture ideas to better meet those needs, experiment and prototype to enable learning and guides the teams to deliver favorable outcomes.

Bhaumik leads STANLEY Earth, a social innovation initiative that leverages technology to build purpose-driven sustainable products to address issues related to water, energy, farming and climate. He has recently launched NADI™ our Smart Solar Powered Pump to provide reliable irrigation to the farmers in India.

Bhaumik holds a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from University at Buffalo. He is trained in six-sigma methodologies, lean and project management practices.