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David Tucker
Vice President of Digital Manufacturing
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David Tucker, Vice President of Digital Manufacturing, is responsible for developing, productizing and commercializing Digital Manufacturing products and services. His background is rooted in design, manufacturing and quality, he has experience in the areas of Procurement, Operations, and New Technology Adoption all focused enable improved product performance and reduced cost.

Before Stanley X, David developed and commercialized products in the Passenger Vehicle, Commercial Vehicle, and High Tech Hardware industries implementing new technologies that making higher value products that are easily manufacturable. Additionally, he’s worked in the Additive Manufacturing Industry developing go to market strategies to enable sales growth, by productizing new Additive Manufacturing capabilities and selling channels. David has a double BS in Product Design and Plastics Engineering Technology from the trade school Ferris State University, an operations focused MBA from Wayne State University, as well as an MS in Technology Management from Portland State University. He is currently the chair of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Additive Manufacturing Chapter. 

In his spare time David is an avid builder having exposure to the trades at the age of 14 by assisting in building of his family home. Since that experience David has been an avid enthusiast for tools and construction technology, personally remodeling several residential properties.